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Top 5 Places to Take Senior Pictures in Tennessee

college graduation pictures on top of parking garage in eastern tennessee

I love this time of year as seasons are beginning to change, school has started and senior pictures in Tennessee are in full swing. We get to hang out and plan out your perfect session that perfectly captures your personality and everything you’ve worked towards in these last four years of school. But, where do we go? I want my seniors in Tennessee to have options for where their pictures are taken, and find locations that really show them off. Some seniors like taking pictures at their school, while others love to adventure and show off some hobbies they love. Whichever senior you are, I love perfect locations for your senior pictures in Tennessee.

Downtown (Umbrella Alley)

Shooting in downtown is perfect because we get all the twinkly lights and get to just walk around and explore. I love shooting in Umbrella Alley, all the umbrellas and twinkly lights are perfect for any senior pictures in Tennessee.

girl taking senior pictures in umbrella alley in chattanooga tennessee

Your Sport/Hobby

This is another super fun option for a lot of seniors who are super active, I had the opportunity to hang out with Paige and see her totally in her element with her horses. That was such a unique experience that totally showed off her personality and a hobby she loves! I always ask my seniors if there is anything they like to do and would want captured in their photos, we’ve done baseball, horses, and so much more!


Top of a Parking Garage

Trust me, it sounds a little weird and silly now, but it’s actually a super cool spot. With one of my senior reps, Sophie, we explored a little and found this parking garage that was HUGE and EMPTY. Sounds kind of boring, until we got music playing, and were laughing together and having a good time, then we got some really cool pictures that showed off Sophie and her personality but were totally unique and different!


In a Field

Fields are another perfect spot for senior sessions in Tennessee because we can usually find flowers, or taller grass, and take some really unique shots there. The fields are usually a little softer which allows you and your smile to stand out. I loved Chloe’s session earlier this month, her blue eyes shined against the burnt grass.

At Your School 

Kind of an obvious choice, but is a great way to say goodbye to your high school career and hello to college! We’ll walk through the halls, and around campus. We’ll talk about your funny memories with friends, and your favorite teachers. This is one of my favorite spots because I really get to know my seniors and walk through memory lane with them, it’s such a special experience!


Let’s chat and get your perfect senior pictures sessions dreamed up. We’ll pick out the best outfits and locations for you and your story!


college graduation pictures on top of parking garage in eastern tennessee


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