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Noah’s East Hamilton Senior Session | Chattanooga Tennessee

Young tennessee senior standing beside car during outdoor east hamilton senior session

As a Chattanooga senior portraits photographer, I’m blessed to work with some of the most incredible seniors, and Noah was someone I was so excited to photograph. I’ve known Noah since he was about 4 or 5 years old, he’s one of my brother’s best friends, and has been so much fun to grow up with. Throughout Noah’s East Hamilton senior session, we focused on all the amazing things he has accomplished in his life. Not only is he attending school, he does tons of volunteer work, and is going to do great things with his life.

Noah has been like a little brother to me, and it’s crazy to see him now graduating high school! He’s been extremely busy between being a high school student, volunteering at our local fire station, and even taking college classes. Noah is such a busy kid, but is the happiest and kindest person you’ll ever meet. He’s studying to be an engineer, and is already working towards his college degree as a senior in high school!

young volunteer firefighter wearing helmet during east hamilton senior session

Volunteer Firefighter

We were able to explore multiple passions of Noah’s throughout his East Hamilton senior session. First, we stopped at the local fire station, Noah volunteers at. As he walked us through the station, and showed us around the fire truck seeing the light in his eyes was something I won’t soon forget. Throughout his East Hamilton senior session, Noah was full of light and laughter, we had a great time celebrating him.

East Hamilton Senior Session

Later, we visited his high school and took pictures around campus. Throughout my senior sessions, I try to incorporate their high school in some way to reminisce with my seniors. It’s a great way to get to know them, and their high school experience. Which is exactly what we did with Noah, even though we grew up together! Nevertheless, we were able to get some memorable shots at his stomping grounds of East Hamilton.

tennessee man standing by car smiling during outdoor east hamilton session

Dream Car

Last but not least, we had to take pictures with Noah’s dream car. His retired patrol car was a dream car, and he was able to achieve that dream. He loves that car and is do dang proud of it. Not only is Noah incredibly kind but he’s driven and so motivated, if he wants something bad enough, he’s going to make it happen. Throughout our lives I’ve seen that in him, and even talking about his high school career and his future. It’s evident that he is going to do incredible things.

As we finished Noah’s senior session I was just blown away by the unbelievably motivated, and driven person Noah has become. Throughout our time together we had a blast reminiscing and talking about his bright future. Between his volunteering schedule, college courses, and high school classes, he is killing it. Noah is such a good kid and someone I will always be proud of and call my little brother.

Young tennessee senior wearing volunteer firefighter gear
Tennessee senior smiling in front of high school during portraits

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young tennessee senior leaning against fire truck during east hamilton senior session


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