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The Most Beautiful May Day | Girls Preparatory School

This past week was one of the best days for my seniors at Girls Preparatory School! May Day is a tradition that is difficult to explain to anyone outside of the Chattanooga area. The tradition has been at the school for over a century. It’s a a time for the girls of this school to celebrate their school and the graduating class.

The student body selects the May Queen and the Court. They are representatives of the Senior Class and are gracious and loyal friends to the school. They are very eager of GPS and extremely involved in the school.

I remember when it was my turn to be presented on the front lawn seven years ago. I jokingly told one of the parents that walking through the halls made me panic and think I had an exam next period. My time at the school was filled with lots of naps during free period, tears in the counselors office, and late nights studying.

These girls are extremely special to me. I met the majority of these girls for the first time that morning at 8:30. Getting their early was important to me because I want to ensure the girls are taken care of and that their flowers are on their way. I spent time looking for the best spot on campus, and listening to the girls and what they hoped the next chapter of their life would bring.

These eleven girls have a heart of gold. They were absolutely precious, so appreciative, and their mothers were a dream to work with. I am so excited for their future, and I’m humbled to be included in such a special day for them.

Here’s to the girls.

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