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Ty’s Downtown Chattanooga Senior Session | Silverdale Baptist Academy

This Silverdale senior session was really special! I am super passionate about supporting some of our local schools. I got an opportunity to support Silverdale Baptist Academy through their gala, I jumped on the opportunity! We were able to work it out so I could donate a two hour senior session to their auction for their annual fundraising event, and Ty’s mom won the package!

It was PERFECT because she had a current high school senior and we were able to take pictures before graduation! I was so thankful to be able to help raise money for a school that I love. It was a bonus to meet a really awesome senior and taking some fun pictures!

Ty is an athlete at Silverdale and plays golf, wrestling, and tennis! We were able to take pictures at the Hunter Museum and the West Village! This Silverdale senior session was so much fun!

It’s really important to me that my high schoolers feel like their session reflects their personality. One of my favorite ways to make sure their personality shines is to encourage them to bring props! Ty was able to bring some of his favorite clothing items. He expressed to me that he absolutely LOVES a suit, and his letterman jacket was a great addition!

I try to include a planning session for every senior session I have, while Ty and I weren’t able to have our dedicated meeting time, we were able to put together a really awesome experience that showcases his personality really well!

You only take your senior pictures once! So make sure you pick a location that you feel comfortable in and inspired from. I am confident that you will adore at least one of these Chattanooga senior photo locations. Let’s chat about which location you are most excited about!


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You only graduate once, and I want you to have a unique experience that you can look back on and remember the good times of high school!

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