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35mm Film Photography and Gen Z

Film photography is one of my favorite things in the world.I love that photography is always challenging me to learn and is always changing. There are constant ideas and inspiration behind photography, and one of the many ways I am able to stay inspired in my business is through film photography.

Things that were once old and no longer cool have suddenly resurfaced as interesting with younger generations (myself included). I remember when everyone was asking for a polaroid camera for Christmas and our parents were so confused but also excited over the idea that they could connect with us over something that was almost viewed as instinct. Not only has the interest in film increased, but other items that were once viewed as dated such as scrunchies and record players.

It has been so fun to watch my generation and others resurrect trends that were once outdated, and it has been even more fun to introduce the Class of 2021 to film photography.

Chattanooga Baylor School Senior Session on 35mm Film || www.besspics.com
Downtown Chattanooga Senior Session on 35mm Film | www.besspics.com
Chattanooga Outdoor Senior Session on 35mm film | www.besspics.com
I was even able to bring out the film for Haley’s senior session, which you can read more about here!

I love using my grandfather’s Nikon FM 35mm camera to capture these beautiful moments! Even when I am traveling, there are times that I would much rather reach for my film camera over my digital! I love film photography so much, I even made sure that one of our wedding photographers was shooting film!

I hope that you enjoyed these little snippets as much as me! I just love the art of photography, which is why I love what I do and sharing it with my incredible clients!

I’m a Knoxville and Chattanooga Senior Photographer that loves to showcase your inner beauty! Click here to contact me with any questions you may have about my pricing or booking! I would love to connect with you, and if you enjoyed the photos above, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see behind the scenes and updates!

Chattanooga Baylor School Senior Session on 35mm Film || www.besspics.com


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