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Knoxville Senior Photos City vs. Country

You deserve senior portraits that reflect who you are as a person. Showing off what makes you unique and your personality. And honestly, this can be done anywhere! But, depending your aesthetic you may be leaning one way or another when it comes to having Knoxville senior photos taken in the city or the country. There are definitely pros and cons to both, and I am here to guide you through what to expect with both city and country senior sessions.

beautiful senior girl with brunette hair posing in a sunflower field for her fall senior portraits in Knoxville Tennessee

City Senior Photos

I adore taking senior portraits in downtown Knoxville, or any small town! It is lively, charming and brings so much personality to your gallery. When you choose to visit the city you will have a ton of different options on types of locations. You can stop by your favorite ma-n-pop shop, sit in a garden, or find some fun artwork! You really can find it all in the city and will have so much fun with a more urban and modern photoshoot!

With the hustle and bustle of the city comes a lot of people! Depending the day and time, you may have a larger crowd to take photos in front of. But, more than likely there will always be somebody somewhere if you choose to take your Knoxville senior photos downtown. With that it may be more difficult to get the desired shot you have envisioned. Sometime people just get in the way and it can make your senior session a bit hard.

Country Senior Photos

Fresh air, rolling hills, thick forests. The country is serene and relaxing. You can really let loose and enjoy yourself with no one around! There are so many opportunities to capture who you are with the gorgeous backdrop of Tennessee. Not to mention, nature is kind of like a blank canvas to work on! Play in a river, sit on top of your truck or even bring out your favorite past time. Nothing looks out of place when you are posing the the beauty of Tennessee’s country!

When taking Knoxville senior photos outdoors you always run the risk of a few things. There are almost always going to be some bug, small wildlife, and sweat! And of course you have to watch out for the weather forecast. Although a lot of these things are avoidable, or can just simply be embraced, it may deter you from wanting a senior session in the country.

Best Of Both Worlds

It is always an option to do both! Sure, each has their individual pros and cons. But, the pros definitely make the experience worth it! When you choose to have both a city and country senior session, you are choosing a gorgeous gallery with lots of variety. You get the vibrant city vibes as well as the mellow serenity of the country. The experience is twice as fun and you typically get twice the photos!

No matter where you decide to have your Knoxville senior photos taken, I know they will turn out amazing! Tennessee has so much to offer whether you are in the city or the country. Let’s connect and chat about where you are going to have your senior photos and how I can best capture you!


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